What is the Yo Wireless Service?

Yo Wireless is a cloud based authentication Service Whether you are a small business or a large public venue, offering your Customers access to the internet makes sense. People of all types now use the internet on mobile devices to keep in touch, keep up to date, or find information when required. It is important that you know/track who is using your internet and this becomes especially important with the introduction of the Digital Economy Act 2010. Using the Yo Wireless service means that each user of your wireless will be authenticated using our servers, and their details collected and stored for reference at a later date if it is required. If you do not use a service of this type, you will be responsible for keeping records of the device MAC addresses and the contact details for all users who access your Internet connection.

Edgewater Wireless Signs Distribution Partnership with Wireless Republic

Partnership solidifies distribution of next generation WiFi3™ solutions for United Kingdom, Ireland and Middle East Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. (YFI; TSX.V), the developer of WiFi3™ – next generation, multi-channel WiFi technology for high-density & high-interference environments, is pleased to introduce Wireless Republic as the newest distributor of Edgewater Wireless WiFi and wireless solutions for key markets in Europe and the Middle East. Wireless Republic is a progressive, wireless equipment distributor focused on delivering high value, premium wireless solutions. Based in Manchester, Wireless Republic works closely with many global wireless equipment manufacturers and maintains an extensive product portfolio that offers both value and quality. The company is headquartered in the UK and supports channel partners and customers throughout the European Union and Middle East. “We are very excited to bring Edgewater Wireless and WiFi3™ technology to the market and solve the rapidly growing issues of capacity and interference to Europe as well as the Middle East. Our customers are continually looking to us to offer new wireless products and solutions to help improve service delivery. said Mark Sutton, Managing Director of Wireless Republic “Edgewater Wireless WiFi3™ solutions solve some of the most contentious issues for network owners and managers. With increasing…

The World’s Leading RADIUS/AAA Authentication Engine

The world’s leading RADIUS/AAA authentication engine Our proprietary AAA engine allows quick, secure authentication and network access control for any user and device, without the cost and complexity of on-premises RADIUS deployment. Using 802.1x (EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS), OAuth, Google Apps, Active Directory, LDAP) for authentication, it’s available as a managed, cloud service and integrates with any existing, third party software.

Nexus G1000

Carrier grade technology without the licensing cost. The nexus g1000 is a cost effective, robust, point-to-point v-band (60ghz) wireless link designed for mobile operators and broadband wireless connectivity. Features High-bandwidth, point-to-point wireless | 2gbps 60 ghz license-free operation Small, lightweight footprint Cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution Full duplex (fdd), wire-speed gigabit ethernet Simple poe+ operation Versatile copper and fiber interfaces Carrier-grade ethernet switch Features and BenefitsLicense exempt operation Ethernet 1Gbps (Full Duplex) Aggregate 2Gbps Small form factor Remote management Plug and Play Inherently secure Quick to Install Low cost ApplicationsLTE Small Cell Backhaul Enterprise Broadband High Speed Research Networks Alternative To Fibre LAN and Campus Extensions Path redundancy CCTV Camera Backhaul Disaster Recovery