Partnership solidifies distribution of next generation WiFi3 solutions for United Kingdom, Ireland and Middle East

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. (YFI; TSX.V), the developer of WiFi3™ – next generation, multi-channel WiFi technology for high-density & high-interference environments, is pleased to introduce Wireless Republic as the newest distributor of Edgewater Wireless WiFi and wireless solutions for key markets in Europe and the Middle East.

Wireless Republic is a progressive, wireless equipment distributor focused on delivering high value, premium wireless solutions. Based in Manchester, Wireless Republic works closely with many global wireless equipment manufacturers and maintains an extensive product portfolio that offers both value and quality. The company is headquartered in the UK and supports channel partners and customers throughout the European Union and Middle East.

“We are very excited to bring Edgewater Wireless and WiFi3™ technology to the market and solve the rapidly growing issues of capacity and interference to Europe as well as the Middle East. Our customers are continually looking to us to offer new wireless products and solutions to help improve service delivery. said Mark Sutton, Managing Director of Wireless Republic “Edgewater Wireless WiFi3™ solutions solve some of the most contentious issues for network owners and managers. With increasing data demand and interference plaguing WiFi networks, WiFi3™ is the only WiFi solution capable of delivering traffic across multiple channels on the same radio at the same time. WiFi3™ can scale to add an exponential number of users layering devices across multiple channels without performance impact or the need for stacking radios or additional access points”

Edgewater Wireless WiFi3™ technology is designed to solve critical issues for WiFi and wireless networks – interference and high-density. WiFi3™ is the only wireless technology in the world to offer multiple, concurrent channels of transmit and receive from a single WiFi radio. Edgewater’s next generation wireless technology is positioned to revolutionize wireless network design and deployment beyond the unlicensed wireless spectrum through to OFDM applications and the emerging 5G standard. WiFi3™ is backed by over 24 patents and offers a suite of access point products as well as OEM licensing opportunities for select partners.

“Working with our team at Evolve, Edgewater is making excellent progress in Europe. It is through these sales efforts that we very quickly identified Mark and his team at Wireless Republic as a strong distribution channel partner.” said Andrew Skafel, President and CEO at Edgewater Wireless “Working with Wireless Republic in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East, Edgewater Wireless is aligned with a strong partner with extensive experience in wireless technology and we look forward to expanding our sales and growth with them.”

Edgewater’s WiFi3™ powered technology is the best Wi-Fi solution for carriers, service providers and systems integrators to address the evolving issues of interference, capacity and high-density which is stretching WiFi to its breaking point. Edgewater’s patented technology solves the high-density problem while also significantly reducing the equipment investment and operating costs for new network deployments.