Edgewater Wireless have announced the launch of enhanced PowerZoning™ and MESHD™ technology as part of their latest WiFi3 software innovations. PowerZoning and MESHD, is now available on Edgewater Wireless Access Points and aera™ series products and a result of extensive Cable Industry and customer input.

With this latest innovation, Edgewater Wireless Access Points powered by WiFi3 now offer extreme flexibility in high density, large scale WiFi network deployments and increased control and management for network owners and operators at the access point or the entire network via Edgewater’s Fluid Network Controller.

The latest enhancements to Edgewater’s WiFi3 software enable advanced functionality for the company’s proprietary PowerZoning™ technology. PowerZoning gives network operators and service providers enhanced capabilities for improved RF management & planning and reduces or eliminates the impacts of Adjacent Channel Interference and Co-Channel Interference in large scale deployments.  Improved PowerZoning control enables operators to create highly defined coverage zones with tightly controlled zone edges – maximizing frequency reuse for optimal high density performance. PowerZoning is a feature only available with WiFi3-powered Access Points.

Additional enhancements to the software enables improved management and control of Edgewater’s proprietary MESHD™ (Mesh High Density) technology only capable with a multi-channel WiFI3-powered access point. MESHD enables network operators to designate channels specifically for Point2Point applications WITHOUT significant performance drops for devices connected to the network. MESHD enables the first truly mesh network for WiFi and IOT networks, only available with WiFi3.

Edgewater’s WiFi3™ powered technology is the best Wi-Fi solution for carriers, service providers and systems integrators in high-density WiFi applications to address the evolving issues of adjacent channel and co-channel interference and congestion which is stretching WiFi to its breaking point. Edgewater’s patented technology solves the high-density WiFi problem while also significantly reducing the equipment investment and operating costs for new network deployments.