Aviat’s free Aviat Design tool is continually being enhanced to make your link design as smooth and efficient as possible. We are certain you will find these new features useful. Take a look at them below, or better yet – sign in or register for Aviat Design today to take the new feature for a spin at www.aviatcloud.com.


New improvements include:

  • A2C links now automatically use A2C power (no need to manually add losses for A2C). This feature works for WTM 4100 and multi-band links.
  • A warning window now alerts users when the maximum received signal is exceeded. Users can set the maximum received signal level and choose to automatically reduce it.
  • The updated GUI now includes the ability to create folders. This allows users to organize their projects. Folders can contain unlimited sub-folders. Shared projects are set in separate folder.
  • The link lines color scheme has been changed to reflect frequency band. The FCC layer has been synchronised with same color scheme.
  • The display of links in a project map can be clustered. This is especially useful for very large projects were rendering time can become slow. Clustering can be enabled or disabled by user and cluster size can be changed.