Nexus G1000

Carrier grade technology without the licensing cost. The nexus g1000 is a cost effective, robust, point-to-point v-band (60ghz) wireless link designed for mobile operators and broadband wireless connectivity. Features High-bandwidth, point-to-point wireless | 2gbps 60 ghz license-free operation Small, lightweight footprint Cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution Full duplex (fdd), wire-speed gigabit ethernet Simple poe+ operation Versatile copper and fiber interfaces Carrier-grade ethernet switch Features and BenefitsLicense exempt operation Ethernet 1Gbps (Full Duplex) Aggregate 2Gbps Small form factor Remote management Plug and Play Inherently secure Quick to Install Low cost ApplicationsLTE Small Cell Backhaul Enterprise Broadband High Speed Research Networks Alternative To Fibre LAN and Campus Extensions Path redundancy CCTV Camera Backhaul Disaster Recovery