The FLUID MX series of Access Controllers support a broad range of Edgewater access points to provide high-reliability and performance in a cost-effective wireless LAN system, and ensures an exceptional end user experience.

The FLUID MX series is capable of controlling multiple access points and provides simplicity and elegance in wireless management. Designed for deployments in campus, hospitality and carrier environments, the FLUID MX supports a wide range of network features and functionality.


MX Features - Unparalleled Benefits

SDN Ready – The Fluid MX Controller has been architected with an open mind, to take advantage of the latest SDN software concepts such as OpenFlow and OpenDaylight.  This architecture gives the Fluid MX controller the flexibility network operators need when integrating new equipment into their networks. Fluid MX simplifies management and avoids integration roadblocks created by bulky legacy controller implementations that are difficult and time consuming to modify.
High Performance Hardware Platform – FLUID MX series controllers are designed with high performance hardware and a multicore processor that enables amazing data forwarding capacity, reliability and professional user & AP management capabilities.

Carrier Class Reliability – FLUID MX supports N +1 redundancy, providing high security, availability and the reliability required by today’s large-scale deployments and mission-critical business applications.

Comprehensive End-to-End Security – FLUID MX supports multiple security features, such as MAC-based, 802.1x, 802.11i, GRE and IPSEC security.

Fluid MX High Performance Hardware Platform – Supporting the EAP3000 family of WiFi3 powered, multi-channel access points, the FLUID MX series controller enables flexible deployment and support of large-scale networks. Access points supported include EAP3030-O, EAP3030-I, EAP3031-O, EAP3031-I, EAP3033-O and EAP3033-I.

Wireless Management System – FLUID MX controllers enable complete wireless system management that includes abilities such as the adjustment of AP channel and transmission power levels to avoid interference and assist traffic flow control.

Multiple Deployment Modes – FLUID MX enables a wide array of deployment modes, such as local and tunnel forwarding, and 802.1Q VLAN binding with SSID. FLUID MX can be seamlessly integrated into an existing network infrastructure without disruption, and is designed to be compatible with the existing switch, router, firewall, or AAA servers. FLUID MX will automatically discover and configure Edgewater access points.