WTM 4000: Ultra-high capacity, all-outdoor microwave radio

The industry’s highest capacity microwave radio in a single transceiver radio and it is the first ever radio purpose built for SDN. The WTM 4000 has exceptional price and performance with:

  • 2.5Gbps (single radio – 2x112MHz channels)
  • 1.5Gbps (single radio – 2x80MHx channels)

Adaptive dual carrier (A2C) feature enables 2 channels over single transceiver leading to 2x more capacity than single header radios or ½ the transceiver hardware compared to dual-header radios. Which means, less cost and power consumption per bit… and of course more capacity.

WTM 4000 Highlights:

  • 112MHz channels,
  • 4096QAM,
  • Header compression and other capacity enhancement techniques.
  • Support for high capacity multi-channel configurations. For example, link capacities of >1 Gbps can be achieved using 4 x 28MHz channels (4+0), using 2048QAM modulations, for frame sizes of 1518 bytes or less.

Link to download WTM 4000 Adaptive Dual Carrier (A2C) Whitepaper: https://go.aviatnetworks.com/l/792383/2019-08-23/7pw


Link to download Aviat Networks is Leading SDN’s Entry into Microwave Whitepaper: